“Free Demand” Service


Action Recovery Online offers a low cost solution to your accounts receivable needs.  Early placement to collection results in a higher rate of recovery.  

Free Demand is an accounts receivable management service.

An initial FINAL NOTICE letter is sent to the debtor on your company’s behalf. Your company gets 100% of the money collected in the first ten days of assignment.

We have incentivized our clients to submit their accounts much sooner, when third party intervention can be more effective, by charging a lower fee.

  • Accounts aged less than 90 days collect at a 15% fee.
  • Accounts past due from 91 to 270 days collect at a 25% fee.
  • Accounts over 271 days past due collect at a 35% fee.

Accounts assigned to the agency are scrubbed for accurate mailing address, receive letter and call campaign, list to credit record, and are skip-traced and asset searched.    No charge on no collection.


You will have access to our online portal, with your own client ID to submit new accounts, and track the progress of each of your accounts in our system. 

You will get a team of persistent debt collection professionals actively sending letters and making phone calls to your debtors.

Early placement of bad debt is the key to recovering money that is owed. Now you can assign past due accounts as accounts age, without losing your profit to collections. Take Action – get Action.




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