Dental and Medical Office Collections

Action Recovery Online honors the relationships you have developed with your clients over the years and are sensitive to the issues that a bad economy can play with your patient’s finances. You want to maintain a first-class relationship and still collect what is owed to you. At ARO we train each of our collectors in the latest in collection law and practice. We also train our collectors in collecting in a manner which is both the most productive and gives the best chance of maintaining the integrity of the dentist-patient relationship. We are the top in the industry because we approach collections in a win-win manner — the dentist or care provider gets their past-dues collected and the client maintains their integrity by being persuaded that in the hard economic times we are faced with maintaining a good credit score is more important than ever.

Action Recovery Online has the knowledge and experience to collect your debt. We are different because we emphasize a “soft approach” in recovering unpaid dental debts. We work hard to approach every client with a “do-no-harm” method – emphasizing the value of paying off debt and the value of maintaining and improving a good credit record and relationship with their dental care provider. We are experienced in the entire gamut of dental collections and we work each day to our utmost to be the best fit for your collection needs – with a stringent code of ethics. Our goal has been and will be to get the past due debts paid for the benefit of the provider and also to benefit the debtor’s credit stance. If you are serious and want to act in the best interest of both your accounts receivable and your patient’s goodwill, you are now going to make an important decision.  We are staffed by professionals who are trained and educated on being accurate and persuasive, yet speaking with integrity and compassion; valuing each debtor’s past relationship with their dental care provider and acknowledging that with the downturn in the economy, the value of maintaining good credit has never been so important. It is definitely time to call us – Action Recovery Online.