Funeral Home and Mortuary Debt Collections



You are in the business of providing a necessary service to folks who are facing tremendous emotional turmoil.  At possibly the most intensely painful time of their lives, people are asked to pay for funeral, burial and  cemetery expenses.  But when the funeral is over and the healing and recovery begin – unfortunately the financial burden sometimes turns into a new burden for the living– a collections account.

Action Recovery Online takes a new, innovative and high-tech approach to mortuary and funeral debt collection. We are different because we approach debt collection in a compassionate manner — we work hard to preserve the integrity of the funeral home/mortuary relationship with the families so that while we work efficiently to collect monies owed, we do not endanger the relationships that the funeral homes have established with their clientele over years of service.  We treat your debtors with compassion.  We educate debtors that during a bad economy, credit standing is more important than ever.  We work to find a solution to your account receivable problem accounts while maintaining the integrity of your organization, the process of collection and the integrity of the families that your firm has served over tens of years.

You want your funeral/mortuary services to maintain their top name and reputation and you want to continue to do what you to best — ministering to and serving families at their time of tremendous emotional upheaval.

Let Action Recovery Online assist you in professional yet compassionate debt collecting — so you can continue to do what you are known for in the funeral home industry — providing integrity with your service.