HVAC and Contractors Debt Collections


The economy has slowed down, and as a contractor you are feeling this economy in a personal way.   One look at your income and outgo and you know – your accounts receivable could certain use a boost.  If those delinquent accounts from your customers having you throwing up your hands in defeat – we have a plan.  Action Recovery Online knows the problem and has the solution.

Whether the debt is from a product or a service, the majority of your customers are not looking to escape your bill.  Many of your customers may be facing their own financial problems and during tough times these past-dues can become a headache very fast.

You need a team approach to effecting payment. You don’t want to offend your past-due account holders – you simply want to get them into a paying mode.  At Action Recovery Online – that is what we specialize. We will make contact with each of your debtors and establish a payment plan that is agreeable to both your customer and to you.  Our collection agents are professionals, They are very aware of how business is done, of the distressed economy, and how important it is to you, the contractor and to your client to get those bills paid in a timely manner so as not to negatively impact on anyone’s credit record.

Good cash management is imperative to every business including contractors in a slow economy.  At Action Recovery Online we are in the business of moving slow-pay or bad debt into a positive stance. When you partner with Action Recovery Online you can let go of that past-due debt and place it in the hands of professionals that have your best interest in mind.