Utility Company Debt Collections



Food, shelter, clothing…and utilities. Utility companies provide the basic needs of water and electricity, sewer and trash for most of society.

Because utility companies provide services to such a wide swath of the population, some accounts inevitably don’t pay. Everyone is tightening their belts, and water and electricity companies are no exception. Now is the time to setup your collection activities. We can help.

We get paid on a unique compensation system that rewards you, the utility provider, for turning your past due accounts into collections sooner. We like to collect on newer accounts as those guarantee a higher rate of recovery and get you your money quicker. If you have aging accounts, we’ll work those too using our aggressive yet respectful collection techniques. We leave no stone unturned to return the funds that are rightfully owed to you.

You’ve already provided heat and water, the most basic essentials for survival, to your past due accounts. Let us collect. Call today for a free consultation. With Action Recovery Online, you get 24-hour access, free demand letter service, skip tracing, and some of the lowest rates in the collection industry!